2017 PROGRAM - May 10-12

The program will be held at Georgia State University Buckhead Center.  If you would like a brochure, please contact Dr. Brightman at 770.826.3838 or harveybrightman@gmail.com.

For REGISTRATION information, please contact Ellen Ascher at ascher.ellen@gmail.com.

Cost:  $1195 per faculty member


Morning Session (8:30 - Noon)
Attributes of Effective Teachers
  • Examine factors that affect student learning and student evaluation scores
  • Discover differences between faculty & student learning styles
Write Presentation Objective
  • Write presentation objectives at all learning levels
  • Use objectives to design your presentations
Afternoon Session (1:15 - 4:45)
Achieve Organizational Clarity
  • Design structuring diagrams to improve course and presentation organization

Motivate Subject Material
  • Design opening applications (hooks) to arouse curiosity, demonstrate relevance, and stimulate interest


Morning Session (8:30 - Noon)
Achieve Presentation Clarity
  • Apply the "Eight Pillars” principles to present clear and effective lectures that stick in the students’ minds
Achieve Presentation Clarity (continued): Use Active Learning & Cooperative Groups
  • Form and norm effective learning groups
  • Use structured interactive methods to achieve critical thinking
Afternoon Session (1:15 - 4:45)
Case Teaching
  • Participate in a case discussion
  • Prepare to teach and conduct case discussion
  • Evaluate student achievement
Assessment - Write Short Answer Essay Exams
  • Develop a test matrix to help students study for exams
  • Write structured white space - Toulmin model questions to reduce grading drudgery and to teach students how to think critically
  • Locate rubrics for participation, peer evaluation, critical thinking, etc.


Morning Session (8:30 - Noon) Only
Assessment - Write Multiple Choice Exams
  • Rewrite effective stems and distractors
  • Design questions beyond the rote level
  • Analyze question effectiveness
Putting It All Together - Improving Presentations
  • Critique two presentations (qualitative and quantitative)
  • Suggest and defend improvements based on workshop