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Effective Teacher Attributes

Identify factors that you control that can improve teaching and student learning. Learn the impact of student learning styles on these critical factors.
(95 minutes)

Learning Objectives

Develop presentation objectives to enhance your presentations, student learning and teacher effectiveness.
(95 minutes)

Achieving an Outstanding First Class and Its Importance

Design an informative syllabus and learn the key elements that make for a powerful first-class.
(95 minutes)

Design and Present an Effective Presentation

Design course frameworks that help students see the course’s organization – a critical factor in learning and student evaluations. Use the eight pillars to deliver presentations that stick in students‘ minds.
(235 minutes)

Stimulation Interest in the Topic

Design “hooks” to stimulate topic interest, show subject relevance, and arouse curiosity.
(95 minutes)

Using Groups and Interactive Teaching

Form and use small groups and interactive techniques in the classroom to enhance retention of learning and to promote critical thinking.
(95 minutes)

Assessment: Short-Answer

Design questions using the structured white-space critical thinking template to promote and evaluate higher-level learning.
(95 minutes)

Assessment: Multiple Choice

Design effective stems and distractors that test-wise students cannot break. Design questions beyond the rote level of learning.
(95 minutes)

Mentoring Using Student Evaluation of Instructor Instruments

Implement a teaching mentoring program at your school. Identify the valid and reliable evaluation instruments that are critical to the mentoring process.
(95 minutes)

Case Teaching

Prepare to teach a case, conduct the case discussion, and evaluate student achievement.
(95 minutes)

Classroom Management

Apply guidelines for effective classroom functioning to create a productive learning environment and to deal with disruptive student behaviors.
(95 minutes)