TESTIMONIALS from past programs:

"Best program for learning a topic of extreme importance for me in the past 30 years! Trust me - I have attended many!"

"Excellent! Transformational experience."

"I am amazed you can provide such valuable material on every topic you addressed. The best seminar I have ever attended."

"This was hugely valuable for me. I feel I (can) be creative, innovative, open-minded and marketing-oriented in pursuit of excellence."

"Great information that will be useful as soon as I start prepping my next class and get in the classroom."

"This truly is an incredible program. Thank you both for being so inspiring."

"I would recommend this to any faculty member or university who desires continuous improvement in meeting student/faculty objectives."

"Life changing; confidence reinforcing; filled the gaps in my teaching; provided a path to higher learning; answered my prayers."

"Fantastic program! I especially appreciate your knowledge and communication of the research supporting each module."

"This was absolutely the best course I have ever attended and also the one that will have the most value, both in the short and long term."

"Only regret: that I didn't do this ten years ago."

"I was inches from quitting academia because of frustrations in and out of the classroom. Now I know that I will finding much more satisfaction in my teaching from now on."

"THE most valuable seminar I ever attended!"

"I wish that my entire department would have had the workshop two year's ago."

"Really fantastic experience - I would recommend it to profs at all levels."

"I feel like I just went through a Ph.D. program in teaching."

"At the end of the program I observed a strong sense of mission among the participants - we couldn't wait to get back to our home institutions and begin to put into practice what we had learned."

"I doubt that you can fully imagine the extent to which your unselfish investment of yourselves has altered the lives of 40 individuals."

"I have attended many programs but none can ever rival the MTP, both in style and content."

"…proof of the superb workshop… I was the recipient of the first endowed chair for Excellence in Teaching in a school that stresses the liberal arts."